Wild Sun Release New Single

Photo courtesy of band
Photo courtesy of band

Have you heard of this band Wild Sun? Well they just released a new single, “Shy Hinges”, off of their upcoming album, Little Truths. This catchy track is set to get people stoked on the album being released on Sept. 18. Wild Sun teamed up with Vanyaland to premiere the song, which it’s safe to assume people have been eating up! Check out below what vocalist Glenn Kendzia had to say about the song!

“I wrote ‘Shy Hinges’ a late October afternoon during the most intense part of Hurricane Sandy when it hit Rhode Island,” said vocalist Glenn Kendzia. “I was in my house looking out the window and strumming my guitar to keep calm. I was watching trees get blown to the point of breaking, and realized a tall old one in my backyard could easily crash into the house. I had to accept that no matter what happened I would be okay.”

He continued explaining, “The song is not about the storm or the house, but at the time I was in the thick of an awful, devastating breakup. I had to remind myself no matter what I got myself into I could still only go forward. It’s one of the few songs I remember the exact spot I was sitting, what I was thinking, and exactly how it all came together. It was a powerful, cathartic moment for me.”

Check out the tuneage below and be ready to pick up the album when it becomes available (Sept. 18)

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