Which Twitch Streamers Should You Be Following?

Which Twitch Streamers Should You Be Following?

November 14, 2018 0 By Bryan Swann
Story by Contributor Josh Jerez

Twitch.tv has easily become among one of the most visited sites on the web, which is an admirable feat that attests to the paradigm shift in just how we consume entertainment, especially considering that the site is only 7 years old.


Of course over those years many gamers, and even a handful of people who are not gamers, have dove face first into the world of broadcasting. That being said there is a sea full of good streamers to watch yet, for every brilliant broadcast there is a sub-par broadcast around the corner that just doesn’t cut it for me, and let the Twitch gods be my witness, I have seen my fair share.

So I beset upon myself to help my fellow Twitch lurkers by highlighting some of my favorite streamers.

Given my own experience in games and with Twitch I did consider that Twitch has a lot to offer, and that everyone has different tastes when it comes to what games they enjoy playing and those they enjoy watching. So I knew that I had to set some criteria. How would I determine who is worth watching? Who provides the most entertainment?

Here I almost set aside the games that the streamers play completely, not allowing myself to let that variable make the final decision on how entertaining the broadcast is. I do acknowledge that it can be hard to watch streamers play certain games based on how well you like those games and that some games are, generally speaking more entertaining than others, but I do believe that the streamers can out-weigh how dull the game can seem to get and make the broadcast an enjoyable experience.

That being said, I should disclaim that each streamer I feature does play a game that I have played or is currently on my gaming schedule and that is how I came across these streamers. So I do believe it goes without saying that how entertaining you find a streamer is generally a broad extension of what you enjoy to play.

I also stayed away from some of Twitch’s more popular streamers and am featuring streamers that do not exceed a concurrent viewer count upwards of 2,000 people.

But let’s get down to business shall we? I provide you my favorite streamers in no particular order.




fl0m has forgone his professional Counter-Strike days and has become a full-time streamer. He is, however, the most popular streamer in this list by averaging around 1,200 concurrent viewers on any given broadcast.

fl0m primarily streams Counter-Strike: Global Offensive along with his band of misfit ex-CS pros.

His team, branded as Mythic, broadcast their scrimmages and all their games. They are considered a semi-pro team and they play against other organized teams in ESEA and FPL (think of those as leagues that the team plays in).

What really makes fl0m stick out to me is his ability to always cater to his viewers. He often helps his viewers with their CS related issues and he is very analytical when it comes to gameplay. He offers a lot of material for the hardcore CS player but without being too overwhelming for the casual CS player.




That’s pronounced The Jam Jar, from what I have gathered, but don’t ask me for any underlying information or reasoning, my guess is as good as yours. I am rather new to this broadcast in comparison to the others

The JamJar broadcast is one that rewards the patient. Jam, as I often hear him referred to, is most notably a Roleplayer in Grand Theft Auto V Online. Roleplaying and video games are no strangers and although it can often been seen as trivial to some “hardcore” gamers. It can be loads of fun and very rewarding.

Many people base their entire gaming career out of role playing games and it’s pretty obvious that Jam takes it seriously.

Archie’s, his RP character, recent shenanigans in gang warfare have been heart-warming, dramatic, and explosive. The only real downside to this method of gameplay and streaming is that we get an unedited first hand look. It isn’t uncommon for Jam to spend upwards of 15 minutes just chatting with other RPers.

Everything that Jam does in stream does serve a purpose though. His dialogues do tend to add further immersion.

Role playing streamers are very niche, but they, and Jam specifically, have a lot to offer in entertainment value. You can think of Jam’s broadcasts like a tome of epic fantasy, whereas whenever you have a book (or movie even) of a sufficient length, chances are you will not like all parts equally.




The Spud Hunter has built his entire broadcast on the value of entertainment. Constantly offering his viewers CPM, that’s Contents Per Minute.

The Spud Hunter spends most of his time in Quake Champions, harking back to the days of Arena Shooters. The very talented gamer will often allude to his never ending quest of defeating the “Genetically Modified Gamers.”

He has structured his broadcasts into seasons, already crawling out of what he dubs Season 3 and Season 4 looming right around the corner.

His ongoing gags and props really service the broadcast well and they work in tandem with his personality. They don’t clash like I tend to see them when used by other streamers. His ongoing friendly feuds with other streamers are also a delight, especially when orchestrating clandestine attempts to spam the other streamers chat.

He also spends quiet a bit of time interacting with his chat and you often get this feeling that he really knows these people and for the most part he does. The Spud Hunter’s viewers are some of the most consistent, loyal, and friendly I have seen around Twitch.

The more time you spend with The Spud Hunter and his crew the easier it becomes to see a streamer who not only cares for entertainment, but for Quake Champions, and his community.

Liquid Blitz

Liquid Blitz


Despite his name, he has no affiliations with the eSports organization, Team Liquid. LB, as he is commonly referred to by his viewers, mostly plays the Battle Royale game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). He does play a decent variety of games but PUBG is currently his most played game at the moment.

With LB I think we get a real sense of someone who is a literal translation of themselves transposed onto the broadcast.

He doesn’t make blatant attempts to try and be comedic, but rather his own charisma molds the humor for him in a more natural way.


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I truly believe that all these guys really offer quality entertainment. They aren’t perfect, but hey, who is. Regardless how you may feel about these streamers after you have given them a shot, don’t be afraid to dip.

What Twitch streamer do you follow? Who should we check out? Let us know on Twitter (@BareBonesEnt/@ThatJoshJerez)!