Welsh Rockers, Digital Criminals, Release New Song “Move It”

November 9, 2017 0 By Bryan Swann

Welsh rock band, Digital criminals, have released a fun filled song titled, “Move It”. The song features some boisterous guitar riffs, and sing/chant along lyrics. The song brings the party to YouTube with what appears to be a very lively and high energy concert. The show put on by the band in the video truly showcases what they try to bring to the stage each night they perform. I could easily see “Move It” being a song that when played live gets the whole audience involved and dancing. That has to be awesome to see from the stage.

This is one of those songs that even if it is your first time hearing it by the time the chorus comes around again you are ready to sing along! The song is so catchy, that you will find yourself still singing it long after it has ended.

If you are ready to escape from the real world and just have a fun time, click the box below, turn the volume up, and let loose!

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