We Are Not A Genre Show

We Are Not A Genre Show

October 28, 2016 0 By Bryan Swann
Flyer Courtesy of Altered Ego Images

Flyer Courtesy of Altered Ego Images

Our friends in A Light Divided and other bands in the Carolinas are taking a stand against the discrimination against female-fronted bands through the many genres of rock.


The bands playing on theĀ We Are Not a Genre show on Nov. 5, in Spartanburg, SC range from all over the rock world. To pigeon hole all of these bands into just “female-fronted” is gravely insulting to not only the singers but the bands as a whole.


While I don’t think that most fans are meaning this as an insult or with any bad feelings towards the bands; it does separate the band from the others in their respective genres. Just because there is a female singer, are they all of a sudden less metal than other metal bands? I know plenty of bands that would beg to differ.


Don’t miss this show it is sure to be a great time, and all of these bands are sure to put on a killer show. Let’s put an end to all the separatism and sexism in the music business. A Great rock band is a great rock band, no matter the sex of the members. If you still have issues with females in rock bands, or any of the bands playing this show.. Feel free to tell any of them they’re not metal enough for you, and let me know how that goes.


Catch the show!

Ground Zero (Spartanburg, SC)

Saturday Nov. 5, 2016

  • A Light Divided
  • Venus Invictus
  • Blackwater Drowning
  • Raimee
  • Death of August
  • The Reason You Stayed