Top 10 Songs to Hit you in the Feels

Top 10 Songs to Hit you in the Feels

June 14, 2018 0 By Bryan Swann

I love when songs have such an incredible power about them where they can make you feel great and give you high energy, or mirror an emotional moment you are having. There’s nothing like going through something and the perfect song for what you are feeling comes on. We are going to focus on our Top 10 Songs that seem to hit us right in the feels every time. Like a punch to the gut these songs can bring on the waterworks. Now not all of these songs are full on tearjerkers but they sure are emotional. We’re not crying, you are.

(These are in no particular order aside from our number 1 song directly below!)

Dad’s Song – Set It Off (Get’s me 10/10 times)

The Other Side – Smile Empty Soul

Someone Who Does – ISSUES

Finality – Weerd Science (Warning: Intense)

Hurt – Johnny Cash

November – Like Rockets (FKA: The Monster Goes Rawrr)

Don’t Take the Girl – Tim McGraw

Skin – Sixx A.M.

I Will Struggle – Outline in Color

Concrete Angel – Martina McBride

Honorable Mention: (As it’s an edit on the song, not the original song)

I’m Already There (With messages from home) – Lonestar

Loser – Smile Empty Soul

Eat Your Heart Out – Outline in Color

What songs are emotional for you? Did we cover that one song that gets to you? Comment below or get with us on social media (Facebook/Twitter) and let us know what song really hits you in the feels!