Top 10 (more) Comic Books on Kickstarter Right Now (Nov. Edition Continued)

Realize that this is a first for us, but so many great comics books came out on Kickstarter that we’re having to make a second Top 10 for November (SEE THE FIRST LIST)! So here you have 10 MORE Top Comic Books on Kickstarter Right Now! As always these are not listed in any particular order and the funding percentages are from the time of writing! Let us know what ones your backing on our social medias (Twitter/Facebook)!

Soulless – Swamp Line Productions (Nov. 7) FULLY FUNDED 243%

Can’t Miss Pick: Stoker and Wells – Steven Peros (Nov. 21) 52%

Lonesomes #3 – Ryan (Nov. 24) 69%

Deathworlds: The Roaring Jungle – John Ng (Nov. 28) 13%

Stairway – Top Cow Production (Nov. 21) FULLY FUNDED 153%

T-Bird & Throttle – Josh Howard (Nov. 29) 53%

Stain the Seas Scarlet – Ryan K. Lindsay (Nov. 30) 49%

Lizard Men – Steven Horry (Nov. 29) FULLY FUNDED 131%

The Warlords – Chris Ojo (Nov. 30) 35%

As we said before this was the first month that we had to do a continuation because so many great comics were funding on Kickstarter! December is looking like it is going to be packed with books too, so stay tuned for our list! While you’re here stroll over to our Comics page and check out our other Comic Book Content!

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