Top 10 Comics on Kickstarter Now (March Edition)!

BareBones Ent Top 10


Take a look at our favorite 10 comics live on Kickstarter right now !  The comics are not listed in any particular order. These comics feature a wide range including horror, graphic, comedy, and all-ages fun. Take a look and get in early with some of these awesome projects that may not hit your local stores!

Please note that the funding percentage listed is at the time of this writing

West of Oz – Sean Benner (Mar. 16, 2017) 100% Fully Funded

Last Days of Kevin – G.S. Faulk (Mar. 16, 2017) 37% Funded

Inspector Von Ghoul – Nicholas Malara (Mar. 12, 2017) 157% Fully Funded

Skate or Die – Edward Bentley (Mar. 9, 2017) 38% Funded

The Savage Teen Heartthrob – Nikolai (Mar. 14, 2017) 105% Fully Funded

Mania – The Faces – A.L.Ex Studios (Mar. 17, 2017) 30% Funded


Mercy Sparx – Devil’s Due Ent (Mar. 17, 2017) 96% Funded

Kaiju Epic – Tom Hutchison (Mar. 20, 2017) 58% Funded

Shield of the Interceptor: Last Knight of Avalon – JayDee Rosario (Apr. 2, 2017) 21% Funded

Bubble O’ Seven in The Ape Who Punched Me – Grainne McEntee & Matt Rooke (Mar. 21, 2017 ) 41% Funded

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