Top 10 Comic Books to Grab on Halloween ComicFest 2018

Top 10 Comic Books to Grab on Halloween ComicFest 2018

October 16, 2018 0 By Bryan Swann

Halloween ComicFest 2018 is almost upon us! This event is a lot like Free Comic Book Day that we celebrate every year but with a spooky twist! This year Halloween ComicFest will be on Saturday, Oct. 27.

Along with picking up free comics at your local shops you can also enter  “The Greatest Halloween Costume Contest Ever” contest. To enter this contest you dress up in your favorite Halloween costume and take a picture holding one of this year’s Halloween ComicFest comics. For more details check out this link

Find participating comic shops in your area!

Halloween ComicFest 2018

(In no particular Order)

Goosebumps HCF ’18

Goosebumps Monsters at Midnight

Hellboy HCF ’18

Hellboy & The BPRD 1953 Phantom Hand & The Kelpie

Howard Lovecraft HCF ’18

Howard Lovecraft Kingdom of Madness

John Constantine HCF ’18

John Constantine The Hellblazer (Mature)

Ms. Marvel HCF ’18

Ms. Marvel

Superior Spider-Man HCF ’18

Superior Spider-Man

Thor HCF ’18

Thor Road to War of the Realms

Danger Doll HCF ’18

Danger Doll Amalgama Lives (Mature)

A Walk Through Hell HCF `18

A Walk Through Hell (Mature)

Monstrous HCF `18

Monstrous: Three Monsters and a Baby

Aspen Mascots HCF ’18

The Adventures of Aspen Mascots (Great for kids)

Shibuya Goldfish HCF ’18

Shibuya Goldfish


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