Top 10 Comic Books to Grab on Free Comic Book Day 2018

One of our favorite times of the year is here! Free Comic Book Day 2018 will be on Saturday May 6. This is a day where anyone can head over to their local comic book store (or 7, like us) and try to grab some select awesome comics for free! It can be like a scavenger hunt to try and find all of the ones you want to pick up! Make sure you buy something at the shop too though, since you’re getting so many awesome free comics! Support local comic shops! Well take a look below at our Top 10 Comics (in no order) to Grab on Free Comic Book Day and then below that we’ll link you to where you can find your local shops that are participating! We also included a “Must Grab” comic to help you know which book we think you just have to grab! (We will update this as official covers are released and if any new books are added to the availability!)

Avengers FCBD ’18

Avengers Captain America

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Special FCBD ’18

Must Grab Comic: Boom! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Special

Pokémon Sun & Moon & Horizon FCBD ’18

Pokemon Sun & Moon & Horizon

Howard Lovecraft Big Book of Summer Fun FCBD ’18

Howard Lovecraft Big Book of Summer Fun

The Amazing Spider-Man FCBD ’18

Infinity Watch Amazing Spider-Man

Invasion FCBD ’18


Nightmare Before Christmas FCBD ’18

Nightmare Before Christmas Zero’s Journey #0

Shadowman FCBD ’18


Star Wars FCBD ’18

Star Wars Adventures

Transformers Unicron FCBD ’18

Transformers Unicron #0

This doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s available to this public! There are books for everyone from little kids to adults! So grab your kids, siblings, SO, your SO’s weird relative no one really talks to (You know which one we’re talking about) and hit up the comic shops!

Find out where you can go on Free Comic Book Day – Click Here!

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