Top 10 Comic Books on Kickstarter Now (Nov. Edition)!

October 16, 2017 0 By Bryan Swann

Take a look at our favorite 12 (went a little over this month!) comic books live on Kickstarter right now!  The comics are not listed in any particular order. These comics feature a wide range including horror, graphic, comedy, and all-ages fun. Take a look and get in early with some of these awesome projects that may not hit your local stores!

Please note that the funding percentage listed is at the time of this writing

CAN’T MISS COMIC OF THE MONTH: Pixi Dust – Russell Nohelty (Nov. 2) FULLY FUNDED 123%

The House – Phillip Sevy (Nov. 3) 88%

Butch the Butcher – Michael Mettlen (Nov. 6) 4%

Dystopia Rising: Grave Days – Imagine Nation Collective (Nov. 8) FULLY FUNDED 129%

GalaxaFreaks Time Songs – Andrew Pawlet (Nov. 2) FULLY FUNDED 101%

Polybius Dreams Chapter 2 – Ben Grisanti (Nov. 10) 75%

Feast or Famine – Dave Swartz (Nov. 6) 18%

Bubbles O’ Seven in You Only Swing Twice – Grainne McEntee and Matt Rooke (Nov. 6) 40%

P.I.S.: Paranormal Investigator Showdown (Nov. 5) 60%

Silence: Wall of Sound – Devin Kraft (Nov. 12) 30%

Bastard Galaxia – Steve Gregson (Nov. 13) 70%

Hacksaw Jim Duggan Comic – Inverse Press (Nov. 7) 56%

Projects Ending a Little Sooner!

Cayrels Ring – Shannon W Lentz (Oct. 27) 51%

The Little Warrior – Joshua Gegen (Oct 28) 92%

Gorilla My Dreams: Mime of my Life – Big Time Stiles (Oct. 29) FULLY FUNDED 179%

CAN’T MISS COMIC OF THE MONTH: Year of the Goat – Tom Spellman (Oct. 30) 75%

After the Snow – Trev Wood and Dale Maccanti (Oct. 31) FULLY FUNDED 269%


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