Top 10 Comic Books on Kickstarter Right Now (Mar. Edition)

Top 10 Comic Books on Kickstarter Right Now (Mar. Edition)

February 16, 2018 0 By Bryan Swann

Take a look at our favorite 10 comic books live on Kickstarter right now!  The comics are not listed in any particular order. These comics feature a wide range including horror, graphic, comedy, and all-ages fun. Take a look and get in early with some of these awesome projects that may not hit your local stores! Make sure to look for our “Can’t Miss Pick”!

Please note that the funding percentage listed is at the time of this writing

Kicking Ice – Stephanie Phillips (Mar. 8) FULLY FUNDED 130%

5 Seconds – Stephen Kok (Mar. 2) 96%

Milford Green – Samuel George London (Mar. 4) FULLY FUNDED 102%

Year of the Goat #10 – Tom Spellman (Mar. 1) 60%

The Wendell Cartoon Special – Philip Haxo (Mar. 3) FULLY FUNDED 195%

Killtopia – Dave Cook (Mar. 4) FULLY FUNDED 263%

CAN’T MISS PICK: Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allan Poe #3 – Dwight L. MacPherson (Mar. 4) FULLY FUNDED 337%

Frankenstein: A World of Gods & Monsters – Justin Shauf (Mar. 9) 58%

White Ash – Charlie Stickney (Mar. 14) FULLY FUNDED 115%

The Walking Bread – Caleb Paullus (Mar. 17) 57%

Honorable Mention:

Papa Cherry – Pixel Pirate Studio (Mar. 2) 40%

Diary of Night Vol. 1 – Will Allred (Mar. 3) 35%