Top 10 Bands to Watch heading into 2018

Top 10 Bands to Watch heading into 2018

December 30, 2017 0 By Bryan Swann


Can you believe 2017 is closing up already? We have come across some awesome bands this year that we are really high on going into 2018! Take a look below at who you should be listening to in the new year. We are not listing bands that are already very established with our fan base even though they are expecting big years (hello, new albums from Set It Off and ISSUES). (Some of these bands are also in our 2017 awards, which can be seen HERE.)

Blacktop Mojo


Chin Up, Kid

Swing With Your Eyes Closed Cover Art

The Nearly Deads

Revenge of The Nearly Deads


Bloom Cover Art


Life Sucks EP

Youth in Revolt

Photo Courtesy of Youth in Revolt



Apostasy Cover Art


Small Town Titans

Fire From the Gods

Narrative Retold