The Shagoolies Need Our Help!

Photo courtesy of Facebook page
Photo courtesy of Facebook page

The Shagoolies are in need of our help! To be able to help the children of the world learn in new and exciting ways they are needing our funding in the form of Kickstarter! Before you scoff this show has some heavy hitters on board with the likes of Jaret Reddick of Bowling for Soup and Eric Nally of Foxy Shazam taking part in this project.

Shagoolies was created by Jesse Korman, Mike Smagula, and Mathew Franklin. The show is a modern educational puppet show that takes part on a world called Loogy and Earth. Take a look below at the thesis of the show courtesy of the Kickstarter:

“Their top explorer, the kooky Sylvesticus O’Goolibache, shows it all in his popular magazine National Gooligraphic… but he’s run out of things to explore in Loogy and is too old to travel like he once did. So in each episode he sends off his young and curious, free-spirited and trigger-happy photographer nephew Smagoogly O’Goolibache and his cool and inquisitive camera, Shoots, to a place called “Earth” where “humans” live and do things very differently than Shagoolies. His mission is to capture all of these wonders by taking photos and bringing them back with stories of his adventures. In every installment, a “person” teaches him something while he visits Earth… from how humans travel around, to what a holiday is and how we celebrate them.”

The creators feel that this fully interactive show will help children learn through the experiences of Smagoogly. Smagoogly and Shoots are supposed to see the world with the same excitement that a child does and offers a perspective that children can relate to.

Photo courtesy of Facebook Page
Photo courtesy of Facebook Page
Lets meet some of the cast:
Jaret Reddick Narrator

Eric Nally Smagoogly

Joanne Colan Shoots

Frank Todaro Sylvesticus

Cory Cavin Human

The team is trying to raise $150,000 through Kickstarter to be able to put out their webisodes of The Shagoolies. If you would like to bring The Shagoolies to Earth you have until Feb 22 to go fund this project!

You can check out all of the details on this project at their Kickstarter and their Facebook

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