The Grape and the Grain release Vinyl

On April 18th, Record Store Day, The Grape and the Grain are set to release a limited run of vinyl copies of their self-titled debut full length album! The band will only be releasing 100 of the special prints with customized sleeves designed and printed by drummer Steven Markota’s screen print shop. The band stayed true to their DIY roots and self-produced this album at Applehead Studio and the vinyl imprints were produced by Boneshaker…

"The Grape and the Grain release Vinyl"

The Venetia Fair Vinyl Release

Do you love vinyl? Our boys in The Venetia Fair are releasing a second pressing of Every Sick, Disgusting Thought We’ve Got in Our Brain. You’ll want to pick these up fast they are only printing 250 copies on bone colored 12″ vinyl. These are being produced through SwitchBitch Records and are being sold for a low $12 a pop. You do not want to miss this so go pick up your copy Here

"The Venetia Fair Vinyl Release"

Mae to hold a live Stageit Show

Mae will be holding a live Stageit show on June 7th. Their debut album Destination: Beautiful is turning 10 this year and the highly coveted Destination: B-Sides is going to be getting released through Spartan Records soon on limited edition vinyl! Fans can pre-order the album during the Stageit show, with some of the proceeds going towards re-recording some additional tracks that will be included on the vinyl copies. Keep an eye out from May…

"Mae to hold a live Stageit Show"

Kiss Kiss Kickstarter Campaign

Kiss Kiss has almost completed their Kickstarter campaign for the remastering and re-release of their album Reality vs. The Optimist on vinyl.  Don’t fret though, my friends, there are still 7 days left on their Kickstarter where you can still get in on this awesome campaign.  After years of requests for vinyl the band is finally going to get their album out on vinyl.  This Kickstarter has already surpassed their goal; thanks to the help of…

"Kiss Kiss Kickstarter Campaign"

The Venetia Fair Goes Vinyl

The Venetia Fair’s great album, “Every Sick, Disgusting Thought We’ve Got In Our Brain,” is being released on vinyl and man does it look great.  This is going to be a very limited release with only 250 being made available for pre-order.  The record itself will be color spattered giving it a unique look and adding to what will already be the best vinyl purchase that you make this year.   The Venetia Fair will…

"The Venetia Fair Goes Vinyl"