Summerland Tour 2016 Review

BareBones Ent was invited out to the Summerland Tour 2016 at the Legendary Billy Bob’s venue in Texas. Check out below if this was a can’t miss tour, or if the 90’s should have stayed in the past. Sponge: Unfortunately we were unable to make it through line and into the venue in time to see Sponge. Rating: N/A   Lit:  Lit came on stage with a lot of energy, but suffered from some sound…

"Summerland Tour 2016 Review"

Q and A with Dream Alive

Dream Alive is a pop rock band out of Los Angeles, CA. They bring with them a great classic sound that is a joy to hear. The band is made up of lead vocalist and keyboardist Nik Phoeniks, Karan Parikh on lead guitar and vocals, Ramon Ryder on rhythm guitar and vocals, bassist Martin Fredriksson, and drummer Stanley Love. Find out what the guys had to say below when they sat down with BareBones Ent.…

"Q and A with Dream Alive"

Duality Review

My buddies in Set It Off released their sophomore album, Duality, today. Expectations have ran very high for this album after the great success that was, Cinematics. The band stated early on that they were going with a more pop feel for this album, leaving fans to wonder how pop they were going to go. The answer is a much larger pop sound throughout the album. You wouldn’t guess that from the first song on…

"Duality Review"

Vans Warped Tour Exclusive with The Ready Set

The Ready Set is the brain child of Fort Wayne, IN native Jordan Witzigreuter. This pop rock band has been taking the world by storm for years now, and was just a part of the 2014 Vans Warped Tour this past summer! Check out what Jordan had to say when he met up with BareBones Ent in Dallas, TX. And check out his video for the hit single, “Higher”.

"Vans Warped Tour Exclusive with The Ready Set"

To Be Alive Review

We Are Forever, a pop rock band, out of Indianapolis, Indiana is set to release their debut full length album, To Be Alive,  on Sept. 3, 2013.  I began subtly praising this album weeks ago.  This album is so beautiful, while still maintaining some upbeat fun songs on the album.  To Be Alive could receive an amazing reception on the strength of its ballads alone.  Take a journey with us and see why we love this album.…

"To Be Alive Review"

Q and A with Forget Me In Vegas

Forget Me In Vegas is a pop rock band out of Rochester, New York that features very catchy and fun songs.  This band has found the right chemistry in their trio of talented musicians. Vocalist Chris Wurzburg, guitarist Jamie Okrzyinski, and drummer Joe Raymond make up Forget Me In Vegas. Check out what the band had to say when they sat down with BareBones Ent. BS: How long has the current line up of Forget…

"Q and A with Forget Me In Vegas"

Q and A with Holly Would..

Holly Would.. is a pop rock band out of Newport News, VA.  After a big 2012, the band has picked up right where that year left off by holding onto their momentum in 2013.  The band consists of David Elliot on vocals and guitar, Kevin Criner on bass, and Cory Ward on drums.  Continue to expect great things from this infectious band. BS: How long has Holly Would been together? HW: We’ve been making love…

"Q and A with Holly Would.."

Q and A with Call To Attraction

Call To Attraction is an exciting pop rock back out of Pittsburgh, PA.  With a strong backing of catchy songs this band is primed to take over the scene.  The band is made up of lead vocalist and guitarist Ryan Wood, lead guitarist and vocalist Josh Perrone, bassist Joe Mahoney, and drummer Dylan Wood.  Take a look below at what they guys had to say when they talked with BareBones Ent. BS: Call to Attraction…

"Q and A with Call To Attraction"

Q and A with Neighborhood Kids

Neighborhood Kids is a fun pop rock band out of New York.  I met the band in Dallas on the Resolution Tour where I got to know the band and instantly set up an interview.  This talented band is made up of vocalist Emily Herring, George Bosotina on guitar and vocals, John Damiano on drums and bassist Billy Houlihan.  Check out our interview with the band below. BS: How long has Neighborhood Kids been together?…

"Q and A with Neighborhood Kids"

Q and A with Paradise Fears

Paradise Fears is a Pop-rock band out of Vermillion, SD.  This very talented group features vocals from lead singer Sam Miller, guitar and vocals from both Cole Andre and Jordan Merrigan, Marcus Sands on Bass, Michael Walker on keys, and drummer Lucas Zimmerman.  This band has been writing great, meaningful, and powerful songs for years now that help and touch their many thousands of fans.  With no end in sight to their great music, take…

"Q and A with Paradise Fears"