Concert Exclusive with Megosh

Megosh is one of those bands that if you don’t already know, then you need to jump on board! These guys are very talented and bring something exciting to the scene. Megosh is a rock band out of Baltimore, MD that has steadily been playing music around the country. Check out what lead vocalist Josh had to say when he hung out with BareBones Ent. Peep the awesome video and song for “Body Works”!

"Concert Exclusive with Megosh"

Concert Exclusive with Alesana

Alesana has built up quite the following over the years across the world. These guys know how to bring it in a live show and give fans albums that mean something. BareBones Ent caught up with Alesana in Dallas, TX on their most recent tour with Megosh! Find out what all Dennis and Shawn had to say! Check out their latest single and live video for “Fatima Rusalka”! …And check out their lyric video for…

"Concert Exclusive with Alesana"

Mae to hold a live Stageit Show

Mae will be holding a live Stageit show on June 7th. Their debut album Destination: Beautiful is turning 10 this year and the highly coveted Destination: B-Sides is going to be getting released through Spartan Records soon on limited edition vinyl! Fans can pre-order the album during the Stageit show, with some of the proceeds going towards re-recording some additional tracks that will be included on the vinyl copies. Keep an eye out from May…

"Mae to hold a live Stageit Show"

Concert Exclusive with Famous Last Words

We finally got the chance to catch up with our friends in Famous Last Words when they came through Dallas on tour.  Watch our interview and find out about Two Faced Charade, tour, and the future of the band.   Their awesome video for The Show Must Go On And check out our previous work with the band. First Interview Two Faced Charade Review Second Interview

"Concert Exclusive with Famous Last Words"

Vans Warped Tour Exclusive with Bowling For Soup

BareBones Ent got a chance at the 2013 Vans Warped Tour to talk with Erik Chandler of the legendary pop punk band Bowling For Soup.  One of the most fun bands in music is Bowling For Soup a local Dallas, TX band that is made up of vocalist Jaret Reddick, guitarist Chris Burney, bassist Erik Chandler, and drummer Gary Wiseman. Find out everything Erik had to dish on about the band and what they’ve been…

"Vans Warped Tour Exclusive with Bowling For Soup"

Vans Warped Tour Exclusive with Set It Off

We got the chance to meet up with our buddies in Set It off again when they came to Dallas for the 2013 Vans Warped Tour.  The band is made up of vocalist Cody Carson, guitarist Dan Clermont, guitarist Zach DeWall, bassist Austin Montgomery-Kerr, and drummer Maxx Danziger.  Check out what Dan had to say when he sat down with BareBones Ent. Their Bonnie & Clyde-esque video with the lovely Ash Costello of New Years…

"Vans Warped Tour Exclusive with Set It Off"