Rocket Ship Resort Release New Single

Rocket Ship Resort Release New Single

May 24, 2015 0 By Bryan Swann
Where We'll Go

Where We’ll Go

Pop punk artist, Rocket Ship Resort, has released their latest single “Where We’ll Go”, off their upcoming EP Megaheart! Take a look below at what the songwriter, Skye Meredith, had to say about the single.

“I wanted to write a song that sounds like driving through beams of sunlight on a crisp Friday in June,” said Skye. “Those little moments with someone that come one after another out of nowhere, like a climbing daisy-chain of postcards with a killer twinkle. You don’t know where you two will go yet, but every little vacation-esque frame feels like you’re sure getting there. There was this girl I knew who would fish me out of a crappy day at 5 PM every evening, and each time we’d go on some new pheromone-laden adventure without a damn plan in our heads. This is about that.”

The Megaheart EP is set to come out June 5th, and can be Pre-ordered Here!

You can catch “Where We’ll Go” over at Under The Gun!