Q and A with Stabbity Bunny Team

Q and A with Stabbity Bunny Team

November 14, 2016 0 By Bryan Swann
Image courtesy of comic Facebook page

Image courtesy of comic Facebook page

BS: What is Stabbity bunny?

SB: Stabbity Bunny is a self-published indie horror/mystery comic.  We say it takes place at the intersection of Nightmare on Elm Street and Sesame Street where a 100 year-old plush bunny and his current little girl combat an ancient evil.

BS: What issue is it that you are currently getting funded?

SB: This is for issue #5

BS: How can people get their hands or eyes on past issues?

SB: stabbitybunny.com or all issues are available in the Kickstarter!

BS: What do you feel is special about this comic?

SB: We have a fantastic art team in Dwayne Biddix and Liezl Buenaventura and the story was completely written, all issues, before we began work on the artwork of issue one.

BS: What previous comic experience do you have?

SB: I’ve written comic book treatments and series for forty years, but this is the first series brought to life by a team, though now I have two others going as well.

BS: So you are currently funding this project on kickstarter. What has this process been like for you?

SB: It is definitely an experience where you get out what you put in.  We have been raising awareness of the series and letting fans know this is going on.  It’s been hectic, but fun.

BS: What type of backer response have you seen?

SB: We funded in our first four days, so that was incredible.  

BS: Are you surprised by the number of pledges or no?

SB: We have been pleasantly surprised.

BS: What would be your ultimate goal for the comic?

SB: That answer has changed dramatically over the last year or so.  At first our dreams were all centered on finding a publisher, though we were so busy working on the book, we spent little actual time making that happen.  We will keep our eyes open for opportunities, but honestly as we near issue 6 and our hardcover collection, we will continue to build audience through social media, conventions and direct wholesaling to stores for the foreseeable future.  

BS: Where can people find your project on kickstarter? After?

SB: Stabbity Bunny #5!  Afterwards check Facebook, Twitter or our website stabbitybunny.com

BS: Anything else you would like to add?

SB: Thank you for the interview and your time.  We appreciate anyone who read all the way down to the last question!  Mention Barebones and you will get free Stabbity Swag with any order online or convention purchase from now through 2017!

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