Q and A with Riley Flood

Q and A with Riley Flood

November 25, 2016 0 By Bryan Swann
Photo courtesy of Riley Flood

Photo courtesy of Riley Flood

BareBones Ent got the chance to sit down with musician Riley Flood and chat about his new EP, Phases. Find out what all Riley had to say when he talked with BareBones.

BS: How would you best describe your sound?

RF: I would say this EP has a classic vibe with a modern approach.  I tried to pack as wide of a range of music as possible into the small space that I had. 

BS: Is your music written more off of events in your life or stories you come up with?

RF: The songs on this EP are based mostly on my life events. I’ve tried writing songs that are stories before and they never seen to come out the way I want them to.

BS: What process do your songs typically go through to be created? Or is your song writing process always different?

RF: On this EP it was really traditional, songs I wrote on guitar and showed to my friends and then we got in the studio and recorded them. Lately, however, my song writing has taken place in the. box quite a bit, I record ideas and then add onto them within my computer.

BS: What do you think is the biggest obstacle that you have faced in your music career thus far, and how did you overcome it? Or how are you trying to overcome it?

RF: I think the biggest obstacle I’ve faced so far is one that I’m still facing now. The music industry is very opaque, and it’s never clear what the best approach to success is, the only thing you can do is keep working and keep making music, and the further you get along the easier it is to see where you’re going.

BS: You recently released your EP, Phases, what was the creating of this EP like for you?

RF: It took much longer than expected. Co-producer JR Thompson and I would mix the songs together, and I would record what we needed in the studio. The process got a little messy at times but it was ultimately the most efficient way of doing it.

Phases EP Cover Art

Phases EP Cover Art

BS: The album art is really cool. Did you come up with it, or did you have someone design it for you?

RF: Thank you! The artist goes by Rafafans on social media, which is how I found him. I knew as soon as I found his work that it was perfect for this project.

BS: Were there any songs on the EP that were especially challenging to write and why?

RF: “Voodoo” was a really old song of mine that I brought back to life for this project. It was difficult to rearrange it and decide which parts needed to become more mature or whether or not I should leave it more natural, I ultimately tried to preserve it as much as possible.

BS: What are you currently working on?

RF: I am currently working on a lot of new music that I’m really excited about, it will be totally different from the EP, it will be much more modern. No details on release yet.

BS: When can fans hope to see you in their city next?

RF: I’m hoping to organize a tour in spring or summer!

BS: What is the best way for fans to get in contact with you?

RF: Through my social media, Instagram or Facebook


BS: Anything else you would like to add?

RF: Keep an eye out for my music video coming soon!