Q and A with In Urgency

Q and A with In Urgency

May 22, 2017 0 By Bryan Swann

Photo Courtesy of In Urgency

BS: How would you best describe In Urgency?

Mike: We are a emo rock band coming out of Southern California. We write music about the darker sides of life and hope to connect and relate with the growing community.

Sam: A group of dudes all trying our best to make a career of this music thing, while on the daily figuring out the best way to do that together. Haha. If we’re talking about sound, I’d agree with how some other people have described us…a blend of Anberlin, certain vibes of Thrice, and more recently Brand New. I think people could also compare us to slightly newer bands like I the Mighty and Hands Like Houses.

Java: I’d have to agree with Chris on this one: like having three girlfriends (without the benefits)…seriously though, we’ve been through so much together. It’s our best attempt at bringing the dark to light, in hopes that it helps our friends get through the day. 

Chris: Like having three extra girlfriends.

BS: What bands and musicians have inspired your music?

Mike: As a kid I grew up on the Pop-Punk scene so I was very much into the likes of Green Day, Blink 182, and Jimmy Eat World. My major influences moving into being a song writer would have to be Brand New, Explosions in the Sky, This Will Destroy You, Cursive, and Thrice. I have found a lot of creative wealth in their material that stays with me whenever writing new music.

Sam: Personally I’ve taken inspiration from a number of different bands like Foo Fighters & Incubus to Smile Empty Soul, Seether & Shinedown to Saosin, Underoath & Moving Mountains.

Chris: Oddly enough for me, I don’t really listen to music that would fit into whatever our genre has been deemed.  Whatever I write for this group is purely just what comes out. I’m the guy that still listens to what he listened to growing up. I hear a lot of the music that comes out these days and only very seldomly will I find something that grabs a hold of me and makes me a fan.

BS: What is your typical writing process like?

Mike: Usually with this band Chris or Sam will come with skeletons of the songs structure put together. Sam also does a bit of writing with a close friend of ours Nikola who was contributed writing to both releases. Once Sam and Chris bring the song into our rehearsal studio we then start writing the Bass and Drum parts while structuring the songs so that it feels its best. Everyone writes their own parts which is a lot more fun that being told what to play haha.

Sam: Our writing process kind of varies from song to song. Generally either Chris or I will bring an idea to the table and if everyone digs it we’ll work together with the rest of the band to create the final product. Sometimes I also work on guitar parts and arrangements with my good friend Nikola who helped produce our EP.

Java: It’s funny this comes up, because I just spoke to the guy who made me want to start playing music in the first place. My old best friend from high school, Adam, instilled this awesome pride in writing music with another musician. I try to bring that same energy into everything I do with Chris, Michael, and Sam.

Chris: There hasn’t really been a “typical writing process” for us.  It’s always been a collaborative effort.  Someone will bring a barebones skeleton of a song idea to the table and if everyone’s on board with it, we sit in a room and hammer it out. Sometimes someone will have a song from start to finish and sometimes we throw ideas that aren’t working for us completely out. It’s always been different.

BS: You have your debut album coming out soon. What can you tell us about the album?

Mike: This album is a pretty big moment in the bands career and I really hope people find material to relate to with this one. We have a lot of darker themed songs on this record that I hope people can find solace in. I find myself connecting most to music that relates to what is going on in my life and with that comes a sense of belonging. I hope that people listen to this record and find common ground together so we can build the ever growing In Urgency family. We have a wide variety of songs on this one. Some flex our pop punk past and others our ambient instrumental side. I hope people will sit down with it start to finish and really give it a chance.  

Sam: I think this album has a little bit of something for everyone. We were able to explore some new territory while expanding on the sound we first created on our EP.

Chris: Without going too far in depth, the content is deep and the messages within seem to reflect a darker truth. Especially concerning introspection.  We touched base on subjects that aren’t easy for people to talk about.  It was a lot of hard work and many long hours to complete it, but all well worth it.

BS: What does it feel like for you to be releasing your debut album?

Mike: It is going to feel really good to finally have it released. Sitting on the songs for this long waiting for the release hasn’t been the most fun in the world. We wrote these songs a year ago so it feels really good to finally have them coming out along with all the great promo content surrounding it. It is a lot fun but also a ton of work.

Sam: After almost a year of working on the album and everything that goes along with it feels pretty satisfying to finally get it out. I can’t wait to finally play all these songs live.

Chris: Now that all the behind the scenes projects that come with an album release are nearly finished, it’s a bit nerve racking.  We put so much effort into doing this the best we could without the support of a label or manager, so we really want this record to be a big forward step for us.  It’s very exciting but I’m curious to see what (if anything) comes after it’s been released.

BS: How did the album come together?

Mike: We started writing the album shortly after returning from a tour about a year ago or so I believe. We had been picking up a lot of steam in the scene with our EP Vice Volumes and we were reaching the point where we really need more songs to give our increasing fan base. In the beginning we had a lot of back and forth regarding writing a EP or writing an Album. Both sides of that argument had really good points but we were all at a point in our lives where we wanted to tackle the task of writing a full length instead of grinding out a EP for touring. We felt like we had a lot to say and that we should get that out to the world. The writing of the record mainly took place at our rehearsal studio MPS. Once we had the skeleton of all the songs laid out Daniel our producer came in to help us really bring them home prior to hitting the studio. Once everything was written and rehearsed to death we went into the DML Studios for about a month to do all the tracking.

Chris: It really started when we were all just casually talking and decided that it was time to get new music out and that we’ve pretty much done all we could do with our first EP.  Forward progress is something we always try to keep in mind and that’s step number one if we wanted to achieve it.  We started writing music and with the hand of our producer Daniel Wonacott helping shape the structure and instrumentation, we came up with these ten songs.

BS: If you could only play one song off the album to convince someone to check out the band what would it be? Why?

Mike: That is a tricky question as I would probably choose a different song depending on the person. That being said, my favorite is “Secrets”. That song shows a new direction with the bands ambient side which is something I am very much into. I also think it has an important message and it’s delivered very dynamically.

Java: It would have to be ‘Dear Lovely’. As many times as I’ve played & listened back to it during mixing & mastering, Chris’s voice on that track still gives me the chills.

Chris: It’s hard to say.  We did our best to pay attention to keeping our chorus’s catchy and the music interesting.  I really believe each song on this record has something that can appeal to someone.  I find myself changing my favorite track on the record daily, I couldn’t choose.

BS: Do you have any shows coming up? Or any tour information you can share?

Mike: We are releasing the album June 2nd at Slidebar in Fullerton, more shows will be announced after the album release.

Sam: We’re having our album release show at the Slidebar in Fullerton on June 2nd. After that we’ll be playing a ton of shows and hopefully be getting on the road very soon.

BS: If you could go on tour with any band who would it be and why?

Mike: “Speak The Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes” hands down. Daniel was a major influence for us on this record and I think it would be a ton of fun to hit the road together and blast these emo tunes out to the world. They are a group of really great guys and it would be a ton of fun to hit the road together. 

Sam: I’d love to tour with either Foo Fighters or Shinedown. Both of those bands just really know how to bring it live. Each one always puts on an amazing show and I think it would really push us to live up to those standards. I saw Shinedown at the new House of Blues Anaheim a few weeks back and their show just keeps getting more awesome.

BS: What is the best way for fans to get a hold of you?

Mike: In the age of social media we are pretty easy to find via Facebook or Instagram.

Sam: Either through our bands social media pages or coming to talk with us at the merch booth at a show. We’re always happy to meet the people that support us and enjoy our music.