Q and A with Forever Still

Q and A with Forever Still

June 13, 2014 2 By Bryan Swann
Photo courtesy of Forever Still

Photo courtesy of Forever Still

Forever Still is a hard rock band out of Denmark. The band has made a mark in their home country and are ready to take on the rest of the world! Forever Still is made up of Maja Schonning, Mikkel Haastrup, Chad Charlton, and Carsten Christensen. Check out what the band had to say when they chatted with BareBones Ent.

BS: What is it like coming out of the Denmark music scene?
FS: The Danish music scene is quite small, especially for hard rock. Denmark is very fond of the soft indie hipster with a beard, a knitted sweater and an acoustic guitar, and that’s not really our style. If you want to be a successful band in our genre, you definitely need to cross the borders.

BS: How do you feel that you stand out from other bands in the area?
FS: Easy, I honestly believe we’re the only hard rock band with female vocals in the area! Besides that I feel like we’re bringing a little more edge and honesty than a lot of bands out there. When a band is good at projecting emotion and writes from personal experience, you’re bound to get something unique, since we’ve all been through different things.

BS: In what ways have you found it most effective to get your music more internationally known?
FS: We still need to get better at that! We all wish we could just focus on our music and that people would automatically find us, unfortunately that’s not how it works. We’ve really embraced social media, it’s an amazing way to let fans know what’s going on in our life, and in return hear what’s going on in theirs. It has also helped us get in touch with a lot of international webzines, blogs and radios.

BS: How have people you’ve reached out to responded to your music?
FS: People are usually pleasantly surprised when they’re first introduced to the music, so luckily we’re able to give a good first impression! I think it’s very important to stand out and quickly capture the listener in a digital world where the next band is just a click away.

BS: What type of criticism have you received and how did it motivate you?
FS: We’ve been told that women shouldn’t be in metal. Stuff that people would never say in real life, but somehow think it’s okay when they’re hiding behind their screens. Honestly, you can’t take stuff like that personally. Criticism doesn’t motivate me, we’re very confident with the music we write and everything surrounding it. I think I’m my own worst critic and therefore my own biggest motivator.

BS: If you weren’t in a band what would you be doing?
FS: Not be as happy as I am now. I can’t imagine myself doing something that isn’t related to music. When I was younger I wanted to be a musical performer, but I realized I had an urge to create something and not just perform other people’s work.

Photo courtesy of Forever Still

Photo courtesy of Forever Still

BS: What is the best part of being in Forever Still?
FS: Writing and performing. It’s two very different things but equally satisfying in their own way. I actually like everything we do, also the hard and the boring stuff, just because it is so satisfying when you come out stronger on the other side.

BS: You just released a new music video for, “The Last Day,” what was that like for you?
FS: Freaking great! We directed, filmed and edited it ourselves, so it’s as personal as anything we do. Humans are very visual creature, and it gives you a stronger connection to the song, when you have visuals to back it up. We want to release a lot more videos in the future and we already have several in the works. (Video at bottom)

BS: How have people responded to your new music?
FS: The EP has been extremely well received, both counting media and fans, so we couldn’t have asked for more. I love the fact that everyone seems to have a different favorite on the EP!

BS: What are the chances fans may be seeing you in the US soon? Europe?
FS: We want to tour a lot more, and we’re currently working on setting up a fall tour. We can’t reveal where it’s going yet, but of course we’d love nothing more than to visit our fans around the world! We’re definitely working on making that happen, and each and everyone who share our music are helping us doing the same thing by growing the fan base in their area.

BS: Anything else you would like to say to your fans?
FS: Feel free to catch up with us on our social medias! We’re there every day to talk with you guys about anything you wanna talk about. Spread the love, we appreciate it so much!

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