Q and A with A Light Divided

Q and A with A Light Divided

May 18, 2015 0 By Bryan Swann
Photo courtesy of A Light Divided

Photo courtesy of A Light Divided

A Light Divided is a rock band out of North Carolina that is hot on the heels of their latest release MIRRORS. This is the album fans have been waiting for and the band is ready for everyone to hear it. A Light Divided is made up of Jaycee on vocals, James on guitar and vocals, Eric on guitar, Mike on bass, and Adam on drums. Take a look at what A Light Divided had to say when they talked with BareBones Ent!

BS: What does A Light Divided mean to you?
Oh geez, what ISN’T A Light Divided to me? I think it raised me in a way. I was still a teenager when I started this band and it’s played a tremendous role in shaping me into the person I am today. I’ve acquired so many life skills by being a part of this that I could have never learned doing anything else. Some people go to college, I joined a band.

JAMES: A Light Divided is my family, not just my bandmates, but also the friends and fans we have met along this 7 year journey. A Light Divided has been the one constant in my life that I can always rely on to help get me through adversity.

MIKE: A chance to share a common goal with 4 other likeminded people.

ERIC: Doing my favorite shit, with my favorite people.

ADAM: Everything, my whole life schedule revolve around it, all the people closest to me that aren’t related by blood came from being involved with ALD.

BS: What do you try to get across in your music?
I always tend to write about what I’m going through at that particular moment. There’s no past, present or future, there’s only now. Things like feeling stuck, or frustrated, or heartbroken, or different. And I think that kind of stuff resonates with every kind of person because we’ve ALL been through it and it’s always comforting in those times, to feel like you’re not alone. This album specifically, I wrote a lot about discovering who you are during those dark times by turning that negative energy into learning to love yourself flaws and all.

JAMES: We have always strived to be as personal and honest as possible in our music while at the same time making sure that our music creates an atmosphere of fun and excitement. We want people to be able to listen to our music and think, “ I want to be a part of this, I feel like I have been missing out on something, and here it is!”

ERIC: Passion. We write about what we feel passionately about and we preform with passion dripping down our collective leg.

BS: What are your goals you’re currently working on?
I’m currently hyper focused on getting this album launched but after that, I’m ready to hit the road. I love the process of writing and releasing a record, but there’s nothing quite like playing on stage and meeting all of the people who allow me to do what we do.

JAMES: First up, releasing this record. It has been 15 plus long months but we know we made a record that we are proud of and we anticipate and hope everyone loves it as much as we do.

ADAM: Right now trying to make sure we get the exposure for this record we feel like it deserves. Getting the word out is a difficult thing in such a crowded marketplace. We are working on a lot of what comes next, touring, promoting, all that good stuff.

BS: You have a new album coming out May 16, what can you tell us about it?
I can tell you that if you’ve liked any of our past work, then you’re going to LOVE this one. MIRRORS is definitely the story of self-reflection and what we as a band as well as myself as a person have struggled with since the release of our last record from self-esteem to feeling like everything was falling apart and overcoming those challenges by sticking together I like to think of it as a reintroduction to who we are as a band and what we stand for.

JAMES: MIRRORS is an album that is focused around the idea of figuring out who you are, accepting the good and the bad inside of you and making a decision to just be that, all of that. You shouldn’t have to change who you to please anyone but you. As a band we worked really hard on every aspect of this album. It took a long time but you can tell from one listen that we put our hearts in it.

MIKE: It’s like a child to me. So much effort, and the usual “blood, sweat, and tears”. It is the last few years of my life summed up in 43 minutes.

ERIC: We went balls to the wall and tried all the things we wanted to try. We did the things we wanted to do, and we didn’t let anyone stand in the way. We’re excited for everyone to hear it.

MIRRORS cover art

MIRRORS cover art

BS: Why should fans and music lovers be excited about it?
I think people should be excited for this record because we took a lot of risks, tried a LOT of things we didn’t have the balls to before and just went for it. Go big or go home right?

JAMES: Our fans should be excited because we have paid attention and listened to you guys and girls for 7 years. Everything you love about A Light Divided is right here on this record. Yes, we tried some new things and yes we expanded our musical horizon, but this is the most honest and pure record we have done yet. As for music lovers who may not have listened to us before, this is the album to give a chance. It has a mix of many styles and genres that all seem to blend seamlessly with one another and we believe there is something for everyone in these tracks. Please give it a listen and please hit us up and let us know what you think.

ERIC: Its got a little something for everybody, but its all stepped up a notch. We turned the “A Light Divided-ness” up to eleven.

ADAM: I think a lot of records have weak spots, songs that are fillers. We’ve been guilty of it in the past, trying to get an album out on schedule and maybe not making sure all of the songs are as good as they could be. I truly don’t feel that there’s any filler on this record. We hope people will give it a chance.

BS: You have a single out “I Am the One Who Knocks”, what is the story behind that song?
This song is probably the most personal one for me on the album. It’s about not letting my personal battles with anxiety and depression stand in the way of doing what I love to the best of my ability. It sounds kinda corny, and maybe it is, but sometimes you just gotta remind yourself that these things are only a part of who you are, but they don’t have to define you unless you let them.

BS: How do fans seem to be responding to it so far?
The response so far has been absolutely mind blowing! Our fans have been so amazing at helping us spread the word about the new album and this single. I don’t think I ever could have prepared myself for any of it but I’ll tooootally take it!

JAMES: We have been blown away by all the positive responses to the song. Its one of the songs on the record that is most removed from our usual style of writing, but its still a fun track that you seem to want to listen to over and over. I couldn’t be happier with how it is being received.

BS: If you could play one song off the new album to get people stoked for it, what would it be and why?
I would play our very first single , “You Can’t Miss the Bear.” It’s this bands anthem of sorts and I feel like this song perfectly sums up what you can expect from the album as a whole. Catchy hooks, a little pop sensibility, a whole lot of attitude and of course those mean, nasty breakdowns. There’s a little something for everyone.

JAMES: oh… tough question. I think the track that would get people the most stoked would be either “No Time For Love Dr Jones”, or the new single “I Am The One Who Knocks”. They very different from one another, but you can really get a sense of how we view ourselves as songwriters and the level of energy you might see if you came to one of our shows.

MIKE: “Challenge Accepted”. The title says it all. Balls to the wall, in your face, and it’s just a very short taste of what is yet to come.

ERIC: That’s actually a pretty tough question because I really think they’re all great. I guess my answer would be “Challenge Accepted”. Because it really grabs your attention by the short and curlies, and then throws it down a flight of stairs.

ADAM: I think the last track on the record “I’m All Highway” would be the one for me. If something happened to us tomorrow and that was the last track on the last album we ever did, I’d rest easy.

BS: What type of touring are you planning around the release?
As an independent band, we’re pretty effin broke so we’re focusing on playing regionally and then expanding outward as we get ourselves into a position to be able to afford traveling farther and harder than ever before. Our goal is to pretty much live on the road.

ADAM: We have a short regional run in the works for late summer/early fall. Until then we are going to burn up as much of the east coast as we can get to weekend warrior style. It’s tough for an independent band to not lose their shirts on the road, so we’re trying to be smarter about it and learn from our past mistakes and successes.

BS: What is the best way for fans to reach you?
We are CONSTANTLY on facebook so please don’t be shy about messaging us! Tell us how much you love/hate the album, where you’d like to see us play, that you’re bored and want someone to talk to, whatever! We’re around and we truly love getting the chance to get to know all the people out there who have our backs.

ADAM: Jaycee and I are both constantly on our social media accounts. So yeah, Facebook, twitter, instagram, you name it, we probably have a profile on it and we would be more than happy to talk to you.

BS: Anything else you would like to add?
Thanks to anyone and everyone who have given this band a chance and remember to ALWAYS support your local music scene! You never know who will end up where 😉

JAMES: I can never say this enough, Thank you to all of our fans for all the love and support over the last 7 years, I am simply not able to express how much it means to me to have such a great group of people in our corner. You all mean the world to me. Also…to those people just hearing us for the first time, Welcome, I hope you enjoy what you hear and get ready for a great ride, I look forward to meeting all of you out there.

MIKE: Always keep an extra roll of toilet paper and your phone charger close by.

ADAM: Thanks for taking the time on us, we really appreciate it!

Pick up the brand new album MIRRORS on iTunes now!