Q and A with 10,000 Dawns Creator Jim Wylder

Q and A with 10,000 Dawns Creator Jim Wylder

April 11, 2018 0 By Bryan Swann

BareBones Ent sat down with our longtime friend Jim Wylder to discuss his project 10,000 Dawns and it’s current Kickstarter. This project brings together many talented writers to piece together 10,000 Dawns: Poor Man’s Iliad. Find out what all Jim had to say regarding the project, Kickstarter, and much more!

10,000 Dawns: Poor Man’s Iliad

BS: What is the book you are Kickstarting?
JW: It’s a big sci-fi anthology called “10,000 Dawns: Poor Man’s Iliad Vol.1”. It’s an amazing collection I’ve edited that features stories by writers like Tim Sutton (Marble Hornets, Slender: The Arrival), Nathan P. Butler (Star Wars, WARS), Simon Bucher-Jones (Doctor Who, Faction Paradox), Kylie Leane (Key), and Eric Asher (Vesik), as well as a ton of other writers. It’s really a fantastic collection, and it tells the story of a sci-fi universe through different perspectives over the years. It’s got adventure, drama, and things to think about. I’m really excited to make it happen.

BS: I know you have said you didn’t plan to make this Kickstarter. What changed that you did?
JW: Ha, well…Money. I got hit with several big unexpected bills, and while I’d been saving up to make this book possible (and spent tons of my own cash) just as we were about to hit the point of launch…I couldn’t make it happen. Luckily, Kickstarter came to the rescue, and now we have the chance to make this book even better than I thought it would be.

BS: How is this one different from other campaigns you have run?
JW: Usually with a Kickstarter I’d add on lots more to the book—new writers and stories would be the first go-to. Here, the book is nearly done, and we just need to get the money to get it out. Adding too much of that stuff would slow it down for everyone, so I had to get creative with the rewards and stretch goals. We’ve added some cool stuff though, and we’re getting close to making a “Making of 10,000 Dawns” book to boot!

BS: How has it been going for you?
JW: Really well. The project has been funded, and new we’re onto stretch goals. I have one big stretch goal in my pocket for if we hit all the one’s we have…so if we get there I’ll be really excited to announce it!

BS: What type of responses have you received on it?
JW: People seem really excited about all the writers on it. People definitely want to see more from Tim Sutton I’ve learned, the guy made a huge impression on people with his work on Slenderman webseries and video games, and who can blame them? I mean, the guy gave me Nightmares in college with what he worked on. It’s really cool he’s contributing a story to this.

BS: What is a reward that you are most excited to send out to people besides the book?
JW: Definitely the art prints. We’ve got two—one has the book’s cover made into a movie poster design (an amazing design by Bri Pi art) and everyone who gets that now also gets a second print by Annie Zhu (the original 10kd artist)…so that’s pretty neat?

BS: Why should people check out your campaign?
JW: Because this book will give you great stories by some of the most exciting voices out there today. Because it supports creating more art, more books, and more fun. Because it’s a five year labor of love. Because you’re going to have a damn good time when you read it.

BS: What advice do you have for other people starting a kickstarter?
JW: There’s a lot of advice out there, so I’ll just keep it to a simple thing people often forget: figure out what the least amount of money you can make your project for is, and set that as your goal plus a little more for the Kickstarter fees and so that you have a rainy day fund. You can always add on more things as stretch goals, and those keep people excited. A lot of Kickstarters aim too high, especially for first timers trying to get the funding to make something and get a foot in the door.
Aim realistically, and let your stretch goals soar as wildly high as you want!

Oh—and seriously, have a rainy day fund. Things go wrong, that’s just life. Be ready for it.

Aim realistically, and let your stretch goals soar as wildly high as you want!

Oh—and seriously, have a rainy day fund. Things go wrong, that’s just life. Be ready for it.

Photo courtesy of James Wylder

BS: What is next for you?
JW: After I get this book out, I have…several more books in the pipeline. One thing at a time 0_0 (at least I’m trying to do it that way lol). I also have my live show Tales by the Blue Light every month still, which features new stories by me performed live (and recorded!)

BS: How much longer can people back your campaign and where? Will it be available after it they miss the deadline?
JW: We’ve got just under a week left, so get on it!

BS: Anything else you would like to add?
JW: Barebones Ent is a great site, and I’m glad you keep having me back here. I know you love supporting up and coming artists on this site, so I’m hoping your readers do to. Cause this time it’s not just me, I’ve got a whole ton of people who are new to writing on this book, looking for a first shot. Give them the chance you guys gave me before.
Thanks for reading, go check out my project!

Make sure you check out 10,000 Dawns: Poor Man’s Iliad (below) on Kickstarter now!