Polarity #2 Review

Polarity #2 Review

May 7, 2013 0 By Bryan Swann
Photo by Bryan Swann

Photo by Bryan Swann

**I was unable to review the first issue due to an overload of my fanboyism for writer Max Bemis.**

Polarity is a comic book series by Say Anything frontman Max Bemis.  The story revolves around a artist named Tim who has been dealing with Bi-Polar disorder and the endless number of hipsters in the Brooklyn art scene.  Tim discovers that the bipolar medication he has been taking has not only been maintaining his manic episodes it is also suppressing his super powers.  Tim must find out who he is and how to handle this new world laid out in front of him.

Polarity #2 kicks off where the first issue left off.  Without giving anything away, a frightened Tim goes to see his doctor to find out what is happening to him.  Polarity takes off from here trapping the reader in Tim’s mind as he tries to go about a mundane routine before finally taking charge.  The writing is everything that should be expected from Max Bemis, it is clever and witty.  For example throw an irritated individual with manic super powers into a hipster dinner party and hilarity will definitely ensue.  The talented writing makes the book a fun thrill ride to read, and the artwork is awesome throughout.

Boom! Studios hit it big with getting the team of Max Bemis and Jorge Coelho to bring this great comic to the world.  If you love the music of Say Anything, especially the album ..Is A Real Boy, you will enjoy this comic series.  There are numerous similar characteristics and themes that are shared between the comics and the album.  This is a must read for everyone from music fans to comic book lovers.  Check out the first issue and continue through the 4 issue journey of Tim!

-Plus every comic comes with a new exclusive song by Max Bemis…it’s a win-win.-


Tried to remain as unbiased as I can, let us know in the comments below what you think of the comic series.

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