Party in the Graveyard Review

Party in the Graveyard Review

January 12, 2013 2 By Bryan Swann
Image courtesy of band Facebook

Image courtesy of band Facebook

Party in the Graveyard is the debut album from electro-rock group Ghost Town.  While still featuring many of their older singles that have been released on PureVolume and through the band they included countless new songs for fans of the band to dig into.  There truly are no misses on this album, and it shows how talented and creative of a band Ghost Town is.

Party in the Graveyard kicks off with 2 newer songs (“VooDoo” and “Skeleton”) which are both very good songs.  “VooDoo” which was their last release before the album has quickly became one of the more popular releases.  Many fans from what I have seen love the voodoo doll references throughout the chorus of the song.  Both songs feature great vocals and screams from lead singer Kevin McCullough.

The third track of the album is a fan favorite (and one of my personal favorites) in “You’re So Creepy”.  The lyrics are great throughout the song but really stands out in the song is the amazing electronic effects by master electronics man Evan Pearce.  This track leads you into a great mixture of old and new tracks from the band.

Probably my favorite tracks off of the album (not previously mentioned) would be “VooDoo”, “Dr. Doctor”, and the title track “Party in the Graveyard”.

As I listened through the whole album I found myself loving every song.  Each song brings something new to the album and shows the band isn’t just one sided; they can bring it on all different levels.  I was already a fan of the songs I had heard before this album, but I have grown to admire the band even more after this album.  The way they were able to compile the songs to make it one where you can listen to it straight through and still find every song exciting and fresh to listen to.  I definitely recommend everyone to pick up this album if you want something new to listen to, or even if you just enjoy music about the unnatural.

Track Listing:

1. VooDoo

2. Skeleton

3. You’re So Creepy

4.  Monster

5. Party in the Graveyard

6. Off With Her Head

7.  I’m Wasted

8.  Tentacles

9.  Dreamer

10.  Dr. Doctor


All copies of the album are currently sold out, but you can check back or load up on other Ghost gear Here

The album and all other Ghost Town songs are streaming on YouTube Here

Keep an eye out for our interview with the guys in the coming months!