In Case You Missed It

August 26, 2015 0 By Bryan Swann

Take a look at these albums that have recently come out! These are both talented bands that have numerous records under their belts, but do their latest outings have what it takes to make your collection? Find out if these albums are up your alley, or if you should pass on them!

Miss May I – Deathless (Aug. 7)

Photo courtesy of band Facebook page

Photo courtesy of band Facebook page

Deathless is a 10 track album that stays pretty brutal start to finish. Miss May I Does not disappoint with the onslaught that they deliver with this release. The band really attacks these songs and brings all types of ferocity. If you are wanting to rage pick up this album! The first song, “I.H.E.”, starts off the album soft and peaceful before the guitars come in and kick your ass. Followed shortly by singer, Levi Benton’s hard-hitting vocals. Another solid delivery from Miss May I.

Favorite Tracks:
“Trust My Heart (Never Hope to Die)”
“Bastards Left Behind”
“Deathless/Empty Promises”
[Can’t decide between the two]

[Rating: 4.5/5]

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Buckcherry – Rock N’ Roll (Aug. 21)

Rock N' Roll cover art

Rock N’ Roll cover art

Do you like Buckcherry? You’ll like this album. This album is classic Buckcherry. You have your rocking tracks, sexual tracks, and some soft, touching songs. If you enjoy a good rock album that can take you on a mood journey, you’ll dig this album. We really enjoy multiple songs on this album from the sexy song, “Tight Pants”, to the very heartfelt, “The Feeling Never Dies”! Don’t pass on humorous track, “Wood” either, yes it is what you think it is you dirty boys and girls! While this album may not be breaking any molds for Buckcherry, it is a solid Buckcherry album that has a lot to offer. If you’re down to have a good time, give this album a listen.

Favorite Tracks:
“Tight Pants”
“The Feeling Never Dies”
“Rain’s Falling”
“Get With It”

[Rating: 4/5]

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