Hot Premiere: Stormcast Resonance

Hot Premiere: Stormcast Resonance

September 28, 2018 0 By Bryan Swann

Stormcast Resonance

Check out the lyric video premiere for “Resonance” off of the upcoming album Ghost Eater (comes out Oct. 26)! See what is being said about “Resonance” below.

RESONANCE is considered the most aggressive track composition-wise from the album, unlike the slightly ‘tamer’ and progressive-orientated tracks that follow. The lyrics focus on the emotional energy one experiences when finding his or her true calling; whether through personal connection or finding a place one can flourish and thrive. The defining statement “I am at last in a place I can grow to be, free from the darkness so cold, with you in sight we can accomplish all” depicts the resulting synergy of this connection and its powerful response.

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