F#CK Review

F#CK Review

August 16, 2014 0 By Bryan Swann
Photo courtesy of Buckcherry

Photo courtesy of Buckcherry

Ever have one of those days where you just want to say, “Fuck it all”? Well get your middle fingers ready, because Buckcherry has you set! Buckcherry brings you a full 6 song EP with fuck in every title and scattered throughout each song. Famed rockers Buckcherry will be releasing their special new EP, F#CK on August 19th, 2014. While we know going into this that this album will not be for everyone, but check out what we thought.

The first song on the album is, “Somebody Fucked With Me”, this song jumpstarts the EP with the heaviest use of the word fuck on the album. It definitely fits the concept, while still being a quality song. I would’t say it is the strongest song on the album, but it does start the EP off well.

The next song, “Say Fuck It”, is a great cover of the Icona Pop song “I Love It”. Buckcherry’s cover maintains most of the original song with their own twist on some of the lyrics. The song naturally has such a great groove to it that just pulls you in with no remorse. I think this is an awesome song and definitely one of my favorite ones on the EP. This was also the first single released off of the EP. [Check out the song at the bottom!]

Let’s jump to the power closer of the album simply titled, “Fist Fuck”. The guitars in the start of the album get you pumped and prepped for the ride you’re about to go on. This song is a fast paced with surprisingly deep lyrics. If you really want to hear someone go after it musically this is the jam for you.

F#CK Album Cover

F#CK Album Cover

Track Listing
1. Somebody Fucked With Me
2. Say Fuck It
3. The Motherfucker
4. I Don’t Give a Fuck
5. It’s a Fucking Disaster
6. Fist Fuck

Favorite Tracks
Say Fuck It
I Don’t give a Fuck
The Motherfucker

Overall I thoroughly enjoy F#CK. I think it is an EP where every song sounds like it is made to be played on the radio even these songs could not be. Every one of the songs brings a new life and energy to the release. From a quick and in your face song like, “Fist Fuck”, to the slower “It’s a Fucking Disaster”. If you like Buckcherry, like the word fuck, or just want to groove this is an EP you should check out. Fuck it; just go pick it up.

                                  [rating: 4/5]

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