Easter Madness Promotion!

Hey Guys,

We will be launching a new special Easter weekend promotion starting Friday (04/14 9 A.M. CST) – Monday (4/17 Noon CST). What is this promotion you may ask?

Any new pledge at the $10 reward tier and up will receive a B&W Sketch Card commission of anything they want from our artist, Joseph Arnold, which will be added to their rewards if we are successfully funded! If you’re looking for a clearly less talented piece I’ll be throwing my hat in to this. You will be able to specify (Backer Survey) if you would like an awesome sketch card by Joseph or a comically bad one by myself.

So if you want Elvis riding a dinosaur, Pikachu zapping Iron Man, or Nightwing macking on Spider-Gwen we got you. Just let us know whatever you want.

By Joseph Arnold

By Joseph Arnold

I did not forget about our current backers either. We are looking for shares. Whoever can directly bring the most people in to the campaign that pledge (at the $10 tier and up) will receive a printed copy of the comic and a sketch card commission.

So pledge and share away! If you have any questions, shoot me a message here, or comment below. Let’s make this comic happen!



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