Barefoot and Pregnant Review

Barefoot and Pregnant Review

February 20, 2014 2 By Bryan Swann
Barefoot and Pregnant album cover

Barefoot and Pregnant album cover

The Dollyrots are a punk rock band, with a fun pop flair, out of Los Angeles, CA.  The band may sound familiar through the work they have done with BareBones alum Bowling For Soup.  Their 5th studio album, Barefoot and Pregnant, is coming out Feb. 25, 2014.  Lets dive in and take a look at this album!

Throughout this whole album I have to say I love the driving instrumentals and upbeat lyrics.  Almost the entire album has you moving along and just simply having a great time.  While there might be some songs that are harder to get into there are so many catchy songs that will have them stuck in your head for days!  The sound reminds me of a mixture of so many punkish bands that give me a similar feel such as The Ramones, The Offspring, Green Day, etc..  There are some real stand out songs on here that I want to touch on for you that you need to check out.

First one I want to talk about is the fourth track on the album, “Get Weird.”  This is just a completely fun song, and feels like it could be the summer jam.  It feels natural to drive around windows down and blare the tune. (Trust me I’ve already done this.)  This is a perfect example of what I was talking about earlier with awesome driving instruments and fun, upbeat lyrics.  We’ll follow right along into the next song.

I instantly fell in love with this next song, “Puppy Dog Eyes.”  The lyrics are cute and fun for anyone to sing along to.  This one isn’t as much powered by the instruments, but is a singer’s paradise I think.  For me the strength of the song is in the creative lyrics and singing of Kelly Ogden.  Again I’m going to lead you into the next song.

Photo courtesy of The Dollyrots Facebook page

Photo courtesy of The Dollyrots Facebook page

The next song I want to talk about is the title track, “Barefoot and Pregnant.” The awesomely aggressive delivery for the lyrics in this song really help get the listener into the song.  There’s not too much I can say about this song besides it is so badass. “Can I get a cookie for that?”

On the way to the end of this album we go through a few more great songs like “Nightlight”, “Homecoming”, and “Angel in Snow.”  At the end of the album is an awesome two-part cover!

“Da Doo Ron Ron,” and “Sedated,” make up this two part with the first being by The Crystals and the latter by The Ramones.  These songs fit together well and sound brilliant in this cover.  The Dollyrots couldn’t have chose better songs to cover.  “I Wanna Be Sedated,” sounds like it could be their song, it’s played so well.  Ramones+Dollyrots=perfect mix!

Overall I would say that it is a solid album from the bands, and mostly enjoyable.  There are some songs I didn’t care for but for the most part I like the album.  The Dollyrots did a great job on Barefoot and Pregnant and their backers will be thrilled with the result.  Go pick up the album when it comes out and dive into some good ole’ punk rock with The Dollyrots!

Track Listing

  1. “Come and Get It”
  2. “Stupidly in Love”
  3. “First World Anarchist”
  4. “Get Weird”
  5. “Puppy Dog Eyes”
  6. “Barefoot and Pregnant”
  7. “Nightlight”
  8. “Under the Same Sky”
  9. “Bury Me in Ireland”
  10. “Worstie”
  11. “Homecoming”
  12. “Angel in Snow”
  13. “Da Doo Ron Ron-Sedated”

Favorite Tracks

  1. Get Weird
  2. Puppy Dog Eyes
  3. Barefoot and Pregnant
  4. Nightlight
  5. Da Doo Ron Ron-Sedated

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[rating: 4/5]

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