BareBones Share a Tune Program

If you’re like me, then you love discovering new music and sharing your love of music. The BareBones Share a Tune Program is where each month we will vote on a theme and then share some of our favorite songs that fit that theme with another member of the program. Check out the rules below and enter to join up and share some tunes!


  • Fill out the form below providing your name, email address, your top 3 favorite genres of music, and top 3 favorite musicians/bands.
  • I will pair you with a different partner each month to exchange music.
  • You will send your partner a minimum of 5 songs that relate to the theme for the month that you like. Preferably include YouTube links for ease of listening. (Spotify, etc. is also ok)
  • Each month I will send you a few questions to wrap up the month.

This will be a fun way for people to check out music that they may not have any experience with and discover new artists and genres. I can’t wait to share tunes with all of you.