2018 (Unofficial) Barebones Awards

2018 (Unofficial) Barebones Awards

December 30, 2018 0 By Bryan Swann

Unfortunately this year we had some things come up that made it where we were unable to put together our annual awards. I did not want to host our awards if it would not have maintained the same quality as the past 6 years. We will return next year with the full fan-voted BareBones Awards! For this year though I will provide my personal picks in the categories and I would love to hear your thoughts too. Comment below or hit us up on socials (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram)

Band of the Year


Bad Wolves (Runner-Up)

The Next Big Thing (Up-and-Coming)

Assuming We Survive

Postscript (Runner-Up)

Male Vocalist of the Year

JT Tollas (Famous Last Words/Postscript)

JT Tollas

Cody Carson (Set It Off) (Runner-Up)

Photo courtesy of Cody Carson’s Twitter

Female Vocalist of the Year

Kalie Wolfe (Rivals)

Kalie Wolfe

Bethany Becker (Runner-Up)

Photo courtesy of Bethany Becker

Album of the Year

Damned Soul – Rivals

Chapters EP – Assuming We Survive

Music Video of the Year

Lonely Dance – Set It Off

The Witch in the Wood – Postscript

Comic of the Year

The Last Reaper – Johnny Segura

The Last Reaper

The Last Reaper Review

Killtopia – Dave Cook


Q and A with Dave Cook of Killtopia